About School of IPM@UPM

School of IPM @ UPM is one and only institute of its own kind established in 2018 to offer... read more

Fears Grow Over New Asian Giant Hornet Outbreak!

  Let’s peak Inside! There is no doubt that they are larger of all known hornet species around world as name... read more

Brown Planthoppers Turns Lahore City into Dark!

Humidity in air, precipitation, almost hot days, moderate nights and frequent rainfall call many pests to invade urban areas.... read more

Fall invites rodent inside

Get an advance hand on these invaders Fall is the transition of summer into winter season; evident of leave color... read more

Pest Management Practices

In 1950’s Entomologists discovered that insects and pest were developing resistance to pesticides because of their excessive use and... read more

IPM in Food Industry

Pests are intrinsically drawn towards food following 20% food production losses during post-harvest practices, broadcast deadly diseases, nuisance, contamination... read more

Dengue Control Through IPM

Dengue fever has now become a life threat for the people of Pakistan. It was first reported in Pakistan... read more

Get Rid of Mosquitoes & Flies by Growing Plants!

House flies and mosquitoes are recognized as carriers of easily communicable diseases. They collect different pathogens on their legs... read more