Company Policy

This Is How We Exist

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safer-better pest management services to our prestigious customers through environmentally prudent pest control practices.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leader in pest management industry through continuous innovations and improved quality service


While not compromising on quality, why we are proud to be associated with top-notch industries. We believe in ethical business practices which makes us a reliable partner for national and multinational corporations


Environmental Safety is one of our top priorities so we always ensure that the pest control techniques being used are prudent and human-friendly.

Our Standards

The techniques, products, equipment and the methodology we use are recommended by World Health Organization (WHO), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).& other.


Our organization also strives to continuously improve pest control strategies by integrating latest researches and our services.

Corporate Citizenship

We believe in PRUDENT PEST CONTROL through WHO & EPA Recommended Practices while giving back to society.


Employee evaluation is carried out twice a year by higher management on the basis of which special rewards, bonuses, promotions and increments are given to best performers.

Employee Training & Developement

Employee Training & Education

Training & Educating employees is our key principle at UPM. Special training sessions and workshops are conducted on regular basis demonstrating the best industry practices.


We consider our employees as the most important asset of our company since they are our primary source of information. Therefore our employees are empowered to make decisions at their own while working in the field. They are also encouraged to share their findings and suggestions.

What Makes Us Professional?

What makes UPM professionals, in this field is that we are the only company in Pakistan which tends to avoid using pesticides. It is a notion among the management and workers of UPM that commonsense practices must be conducted first before any chemical is used even though the chemicals we use are duly approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency USA (EPA). This beliefs takes our company to a next level in pesticides business in Pakistan since it operated while keeping in mind the corporate citizenship practices. Moreover the company has knowledgeable, well trained and expert work force.