Fears Grow Over New Asian Giant Hornet Outbreak!

Fears Grow Over New Asian Giant Hornet Outbreak!


Let’s peak Inside!

There is no doubt that they are larger of all known hornet species around world as name indicates originated from Asia.

So no offence to call them “The Mighty Giant Hornet”

A queen’s body length can exceed 5 cm, with a wingspan that can exceed 7.6 cm with a unique characteristic orange head and black-banded orange body.

Fact with Fact is that…

Like any other social wasp, they will defend their nest and aggressive if the colony is disrupted then, they won’t see who was in or out in plan. Moreover, they are multiple stingers and to humans these multiple stings can cause fatalities.

To mention here is that they are not predators of human but to honeybees. They are also voracious predators capable of massacring entire honey bee hives in a matter of hours— decapitating thousands of the hive’s adult bees and absconding with the helpless larvae to feed the hornets’ own brood.

Globally, from these hornets 60 to 80 people die from allergic reactions to honey bee stings in the U.S. only about 40 people die per year, in Asia, mostly in Japan, from reactions to the giant hornet sting. 

Like other creatures honey bees know their natural enemy and have a plot to defend him-they wait for a hornet to enter their nest, then mob it by surrounding it completely with their bodies.

Each honeybee vibrates its wings, and the combined warming of honey bee bodies raises the temperature in the center of the cluster to 122 degrees F (50 degrees C), killing the hornet. Carbon dioxide levels in the nest also increase during this process, which contributes to the hornet’s death.

Comprehensively, It would be great to compile that they are stingers and predators of honeybee hives by nature that nobody can alter. So it is better to call a professional if you have witnessed any hornet around your hive rather of putting your own science and got defeated by hornets at the end and being claimed of a murder! 


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