Funny Facts About Pests

Funny Facts About Pests



  • Cockroaches can be a carrier of 6 parasitic worms and 33 types of bacteria, and also trigger asthma attacks.
  • Cockroaches a speedy runner can run up to three miles in an hour.
  • Can any living thing live without its head? Yes a cockroach can spend up to nine days without head.
  • Over 5 million children in world are sensitive to cockroaches.
  • Kissing bugs bite and suck blood while human or animal host is sleeping.

House flies and Mosquitoes:

  • Housefly can carry and transmit harmful diseases more than any other animal in the world and known as most dangerous insect in the world.
  • House flies spit up upon their food to liquefy it and then they eat it.
  • A female mosquito drinks fresh blood in per serving is five millionths of a liter.


  • A living creature that never sleeps is ants.
  • Ant queen dies, so does the entire colony become die, because no new workers are born.
  • Ants have jaws and cannot chew their food. They move sideways of jaws like a scissor and extract juices from food.


  • 27 spider species are known to have caused human death, while there are 35,000 species of spiders crawling in the world.
  • Spiders can be rock star as few male spiders design their cobwebs like a guitar, just to attract female spiders.


  • Rats contaminate enough food to feed 200 million people worldwide per year.
  • In optimum conditions, a mice nest can deposit upto 18,000 droppings and even produce 2,500 heirs in only a period of six-month.
  • Adult female mite can live upon single person up to a month.

Bees and other Pests:

  • 100 peoples die every year as a result of bee and wasp stings.
  • The Africanized Honey Bee also known as a. “killer bee” chase people for over a quarter of a mile once they excited and aggressive.
  • A small flea can jump upto 130 times its height.
  • Scorpions give birth to several dozen live babies at a time.
  • Crickets an amazing creation of nature can hear through their knees.

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