Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Pakistan

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Pakistan

Being the sub-tropical part of the world, Pakistan encounters many pests of public health importance and due to lack of true legislation on Public Health Pesticides in Pakistan the general public considers pest management as the application of only pesticides. However pesticides can act as a supplement yet not the complete treatment. There are several other practices involved in managing pests. Combination of these practices is called Integrated Pest Management. Emphasis of these techniques is on control rather than eradication which is technically difficult to achieve. Lack of awareness pushed the general public to use more pesticides in order to get rid of pests of public health importance. Killing the pests, particularly flies and mosquitoes, using pesticides resulted in more resistant population of these pests due to potential insecticide resistance.

Role of Urban Pest Management (UPM) in Integrated Pest Management Pakistan

Urban Pest Management is the pioneer company in Pakistan in practicing true Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches. Motto of the company is least use of pesticides and more focus on non-chemical means to manage pests.

Integrated Pest Management is a common-sense technique which is based on the intensity, breed and behavior of a particular pest. Before applying any pesticide several non-chemical controls are considered such as:

  • Exclusion, habitat alteration and sanitation practices (Prevention)
  • Physical controls such as trapping
  • The most important thing that remains throughout the IPM program is documentation & reporting
  • Education, evaluation and Follow-up make the IPM program successful.

The pesticide applications are considered as the supplement of the IPM program as a least option. Hence, all above mentioned factors work in integration to make the pest management plan successful.

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