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As we step into 2021, let’s recall the 2020 year challenges which we turned into opportunities, sustained together and learnt a lot to be dynamically proactive more than ever.
Empty buildings, deserted streets and reduced footfall with no human predators and an abundance of food during COVID-19 Lockdown delivered an ideal opportunity for all type of pests to become bolder and braver.
Monsoon count this year above average in the Pakistan triggered the already proliferated pests infestations to on a higher side by serving optimum moisture and temperature levels.
So, striving from challenges and considering the existent scenario URBAN PEST MANAGEMENGT fetched the nation to a firstly ever Pakistan Annual Urban Pest Calendar 2021 constructed on the basis of prevailing natural conditions of country and expected seasonal tenures of 2021.
It is a driven guide to construct the way to monitor and control pests as per favorable season for everyone as a bent of New Year by UPM.


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