Rodent Glue Boards/Traps to outsmart the smart RATS

Rodent Glue Boards/Traps to outsmart the smart RATS

Rats like to keep company as they feel lonely too often. They show traits nearest to human beings such as expressing happiness by grinding their teeth and jumping around gleefully. Their laughter can be heard in silence. Rats are a significant element of the biotic ecosystem. However they are also a threat causing agent for the human life, property and health. Rodents contaminate food, spread diseases and destroy property by nibbling.

“Rats are very smart and to outsmart them you need to act tactfully”

A common approach to eradicate rodents includes chemical control like use of different rodenticides. However in vicinities such as food industries, water conservation plants and food storages, poison used for killing rats can itself be toxic for the food items around. Therefore certain non-chemical approaches need to be adopted in such situations.

“Urban Pest Management provides its prestigious customers with a smart solution to outdo these smart pests”

Urban Pest Management provides Rodent Glue Boards/Traps made of completely non-poisonous material. The Glue board contains glue made of natural plant extract that tends to trap the rodents and other pests. These are multi-purpose traps that can be used as Rat Glue Trap, Mouse Glue Trap, Snake Glue Trap, and Lizard Glue Trap.

How Rodent Glue Boards/Traps Work?

Rodent Glue Boards/Traps are placed alongside walls, runways, near rat droppings and other rodent activity area. Rats are nocturnal beings i.e. they are more active at night, and run along walls for direction. When Glue Boards are placed in their path the rodents get stuck on the glue and more they try to escape more they get stuck on the adhesive material.

Advantages of Glue Boards/Traps

These are safe to use at places with food and high human activity as they are made of natural material and no poisonous bait is used in it.


Animal Rights have always been of great concern for Urban Pest Management. Rodent Glue Board is a bit controversial as it causes injuries to rodents when they try to escape. Instead of instant death the trapped rodent suffers torture. It also violates humanity as some people dispose-off glue boards with live tapped rodents. Urban Pest Management believes in frequent monitoring of the set glue traps so that the trapped rodent can easily be released and if not possible can be killed before going to trash.

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