Termite Control in Pakistan

Termite Control in Pakistan

Termite Control in Pakistan


Destroyers of construction materials such as woods, garments and food items, “Termites” exist on the surface of Earth

Destroyers of construction materials such as woods, garments and food items, “Termites” exist on the surface of Earth even before the Jurassic era dominated by dinosaurs. They are the most common and dangerous structural pests in Pakistan as well as in the whole world.

Belonging to the infra order isoptera, “Termites” are social insects. They are called social because they raise their off-springs in groups. All termites make colonies and are divided into different castes on the basis of division of labor and fertility: the only fertile male is called “The King”, one or more fertile females are known as “Queens” while the rest of them are “workers” and “soldiers”.

Termites majorly live on dead plant materials and cellulose; sources of these are woods, leaf litter, soil and animal dung.

They reside in homes and other regions where wood is present. Termites are continuous feeders and can grow inside your homes on wood-wares and flooring even without your detection, that’s why they are known as “Silent destroyers”.

Termites cause a property damage of $5 billion annually.

It is the need of hour to take immediate preventive actions to control these pests that are involved in the destruction of more than 60% of our valuable wooden items, garments and edibles that are inclined to be eradicated at the hands of these pests.

In Pakistan, many innovative government and non-government programs have been initiated to completely eradicate and control pests.

Integrated pest management is secure, thrifty and productive way to control pests while protecting human and environment.

It is cost effective, highly targeted and much more effective than traditional methods of pest control and has less hazardous impact on humans and other organisms. Pesticides can be used by everyone but only an expert knows what are the correct amount and components of a pesticide applied inside a house or offices while maintaining the human damage at its minimum. The price to be paid may be high than those amateurs but it usually benefits people in the long run.

Urban pest management is an agency that is committed to eliminate pests from every building and wooden items in all the big cities of Pakistan in a rapid and efficient manner.

Nobody wants termites to grow in their valuable homes, offices and other items. But to save all these from destroying, the care must start at home even before the action of these termites starts. Some of preventive measures are to:

  • Store food in clean, lid tight containers inside the refrigerator and quickly eliminate the food that is no longer edible. Whenever crumbs remains there, clean as soon as possible.
  • Water leakage must be checked and completely recovered because leakage of water provides moist environment and humidity favorable for the growth of termites.
  • All the cracks and crevices inside the house must be sealed.
  • Trash must be removed on regular basis.
  • Counselling and understanding among your neighbours is necessary because pests do not remain confined to a particular place, as they grow, they tend to spread. So work together to get rid of termites!
The knowledge about the pest is necessary before you choose effective IPM tactics, and for this the guidance of UPM professional may help you.

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To save homes, offices and other constructions, termite control was an obvious need of time which has been overcome to a great extent through integrated pest management but still there is need for development in this field and its appropriate use. This is why Urban Pest Management aims to provide professional, prudent Termite Management Plan tailored according to the needs of our clients in Pakistan.

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